March 26, 2011

Echinacea 'Secret Series'

Some of the hottest-selling coneflowers on the market today have double flowers. The plants of the Secret™ series all produce large double blooms on strong plants with a sturdy, medium habit. The color doesn't fade and the flower show can last till frost! The flowers make great cuts too!

Compact, multi-branched habit, means more flowers per plant
Double, anemone like flowers have super long lasting color
The "Secret" is... these are some of the best. We were never good at keeping secrets!
An exquisite cut flower, are real sensation that is easy to grow

Echinacea Secret Desire
Part of the Secret™ Series of mid-size plants with double ‘Coral Reef’ type flowers. 'Secret Desire' has very large multicolored flowers of pink and orange. Grows vigorously and forms a full plant quickly.
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Echinacea Secret Joy
Arising like comets in the summer garden, 'Secret Joy' features pale yellow, double flowers that are a delight to the senses. These fragrant gems make excellent cut flowers. Use en masse for the border or in a mixed bed.

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Echinacea Secret Lust
You will lust after this one. It has "Razzmatazz"-like double flowers with red orange disc flowers and contrasting light pink rays. These double flowers bloom and bloom and bloom all summer and fall. A well-branched compact habit top of the picture and you are hooked. Fool proof and sun proof!
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Echinacea Secret Passion
You, too, will feel passionate about this Echinacea. It has bright, flamingo pink double cones and contrasting lighter pink ray florets. In addition, ‘Secret Passion’ blooms and blooms and blooms all summer and fall. It has a well branched, compact habit. You can use 'Secret Passion' en masse for the border, in a mixed bed, and as a cut flower.

Echinacea Secret Pride
Charming, double white flowers are kissed with butter at their petal-tips. Fragrant flowers stand out against the dark-green foliage.

Echinacea Secret Romance
You will be delighted and amazed with the wonderful and very large, salmon pink 'Coral Reef' style double flowers. In addition 'Secret Romance' has a lovely, well-branched compact habit. You will want to romance this one. Bouquets of cut flowers from just one plant!

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