December 29, 2009

Breaking News - New Plant Introductions From Terra Nova Nursery for Spring

Greetings everyone,

Well, Terra Nova Nurseries continues to surprize us with new spring plant offerings. Circle H Growers will be offering the following new varieties as they are released for spring and summer 2010:

Heuchera - Ginger Peach
Heucherella - Brass Lantern
Heucherella - Gunsmoke
Heucherella - Solar Power
Hosta - Aquamarine
Hosta - Purple Heart
Hosta - Raspberry Sundae

My favorites - Heuchera Ginger Peach, Heucherella Brass Lantern, Hosta Purple Heart and Hosta Raspberry Sundae.

These new items will be posted to the website shortly for early ordering. I'm certain collectors of these plants will want to add them to their gardens this season.

Catch you soon,

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