July 29, 2009

Ongoing and Upcoming

Hello folks,

Well...I figured it was about time to get something put on the blog again beings that I'm getting some time.

Orders: Still working on shipping orders. Slowly, but surely getting those caught up as best I can. Have been waiting on the newer heucheras, heucherellas and echinaceas to size up and get decent root growth before releasing them and sending them to new homes in a garden near you. I've had to ship some partial orders as I'm having an issue with some of the growth on a couple varieties, but such is how it goes. Not much I can do about that but give them time.

Current New Varieties: The new 2010 Heucheras varieties are looking good. Especially Electric Lime (view), Havana (view), Milan (view), Mysteria (view), Shanghai (view) and Sugar Plum (view).

Heucherella Golden Zebra (view) and Sweet Tea (view).

The new 2010 Echinaceas are looking great as well. Hot Lava (view), Flame Thrower (view) and Tomato Soup (view). Firebird (view) will be ready later in August.

What's new and upcoming for 2010: Well, plenty, that's for sure.

Delphinium Summer Cloud - Rounding out our collection of dwarf delphiniums comes this floriferous new bicolor blue and white selection from Benary. Like ‘Summer Nights’, the flowers are vibrant deep blue but have a bright white center. It is the first‐ever bicolor D. grandiflorum, a species that is more heat tolerant and has an earlier bloom time than other delphiniums. Unlike the tall, spiky varieties, this little beauty forms a compact mound of well‐branched foliage. ‘Summer Cloud’ is slightly more compact than others in the series. The bicolor blue and white flowers cover the lacy foliage from early through late summer. Use this plant for edging, in containers, or as a bedding plant.

Echinacea Gum Drop - Huge, dark pink, double, feathery pom-poms are held over broad pink petals on strong stems. A full-sized plant for the middle of the border.

Echinacea Maui Sunshine - Large bright yellow flowers, sweetly scented and floriferous. Mature flowers are a soft yellow. This vigorous plant is well-branched with strong, upright stems.

Echinacea Summer Sun - From hybridizer Kees van de Aardwegh comes this brand new tall, golden orange Echinacea hybrid. Sized for the middle to back of the border, ‘Summer Sun’ combines superbly with ornamental grasses, Helenium, and Hemerocallis. The flowers open red‐orange and then lighten to golden orange as they expand and age. Be sure to cut a few of the fragrant blooms
for your fresh bouquets!

Echinacea Lucky Star - This 2009 Jelitto Perennial Seeds introduction is a white
coneflower bred from the lines of the award winning ‘Rubinstern’. Bright white flowers with an orange-yellow cone and horizontally held petals are produced on upright stems from midsummer to early fall. This is a sturdy, long‐lived variety that is a vigorous grower in the landscape.

Heuchera Midas Touch - Yummy, seersuckered, ruffled and fluted foliage of peach and gold. It delivers a fashion statement on a heavily veiled, compact vigorous growing plant.

Heuchera Midnight Bayou - They wanted a purple large leaved Heuchera for the South. Maple-like leaves of purple with black veins provide an excellent foil for silver-leaved and light pink-flowered plants. Leaf color changes with the season from red purple to silvered purple.

Panicum Ruby Ribbons - Soft green foliage emerges in the spring on upright, clumping plants. The foliage takes on a wine red color in early summer, which intensifies as the season progresses. Flowers appear in late summer, followed by ornamental seed heads, which, if left uncut, provide long-lasting winter interest.

Pennisetum Fireworks - Rubrum with flair! The first variegated purple fountain grass. The foliage has midveins of burgundy with hot pink margins.

Pennisetum Caroline - A shorter version of Princess with brilliant purple foliage.

Pennisetum Princess Molly - The second generation of Prince with deep burgundy leaves. Much smaller that its parent making it an ideal plant for tight spaces in the landscape.

Stipa gigantea - Giant Feather Grass - A fine textured grass with grey-green foliage, reaching up to 2 feet. Amazing golden spikelets appear early summer and shoot high above the foliage up to 8 feet!

And, there will be more to list, but this is just a teaser for all you plant fanatics out there.

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