May 10, 2009


Yesterday the weather ended up pretty nice. The first time in several years for a Mother's Day weekend. Today appears it'll be the same. We started out Saturday morning with a 22°F temp. Colder than it was supposed to be. A few plants got 'fried'. But, I suppose there isn't much a person can necessarily do about that at times. At least I got up about midnight and rolled the racks and carts inside the greenhouse before it got below freezing.

Ended up having some brisk sales yesterday. Much better than expected considering the cool temps. Which is the main reason folks aren't getting too excited to get outside and get going. The weather needs to cooperate much more than it has been. Feels like April weather in May. I suppose when summer hits in'll turn summer immediately and get hot.

Hopefully I'll have the May issue of the 'Gardener's Circle' newsletter done and ready to roll out on Monday morning. I have most of it done, but need to do a few touch ups and additions. I've had a tough time getting it completed and out to folks for various reasons.

I've been getting some interesting calls from customers around the country ordering perennial plants. Dorothy from Pennsylvania called Friday evening and we spent about 45 minutes talking all sorts of gardening. Specifically plants and such. I enjoy getting those type of calls especially if I have the time.

Also received a call from Pat in South Carolina looking for several of the newer coneflowers. She'd been looking all over her neck of the woods, but to no avail. So she ended up calling Terra Nova Nurseries and one of the ladies there gave her a few contacts. She ended up calling me and we talked and discussed coneflowers for about 20 minutes or so. I'm glad I have what she's looking for. And, as soon as the coneflowers are ready, they'll be heading down the road.

Guess I best get going. Need to open shop for those Mother's Day gardeners. Keep your fingers crossed that the weather in the great state of Montana warms up and actually becomes what should be May.

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