May 19, 2009

New Heucheras For 2010

I recently received some exciting news regarding new Heuchera introductions available for spring 2010. I've listed the new items with their description below. They should be available at Circle H Growers next spring and will be posted to the website as I get further product information for early ordering.

NOTE: Will post info regarding new Echinacea varieties tomorrow.

Heuchera 'Autumn Leaves' PPAF PVR
Truly a four-seasons plant, ‘Autumn Leaves’ changes its personality as the days grow longer. Mid-sized leaves of red in the spring , taupe in summer, and ruby red in the fall, put on a show in any season. The H. villosa and H. americana parentage will help with heat and humidity tolerance. Try this plant in fall containers with mums and kale. Ed's note: Absolutely beautiful! A MUST have.

Heuchera 'Electric Lime' PPAF PVR
This is the big sister to ‘Electra’. Sporting red veins in cool temperature on huge leaves, the lime-tinted foliage forms a tight mound and has the bonus of attractive stems of densely packed, white flowers. The strong H. villosa and H. americana parentage will help with heat and humidity tolerance.

Heuchera 'Havana' PPAF PVR
Dense wands of cerise pink flowers glow, like the end of Fidel’s cigar. These dance to the Cuban beat over swirling yellow-lime leaves veiled in white. 'Havana’s compact habit and reblooming make it an excellent pot plant. Short flowering stems will fit most rack systems.

Heuchera 'Midas Touch' PPAF EU-derived variety
Yummy, seer suckered, ruffled, and fluted foliage of peach and gold, ‘Midas Touch’ delivers a fashion statement on a heavily veiled, compact vigorous growing plant. Great throughout the year and a special “filler” for autumn-themed baskets.

Heuchera 'Midnight Bayou' PPAF PVR
They wanted a purple large leaved Heuch for the South? They have it with H. ‘Midnight Bayou.’ Maple-like leaves of purple with black veins provide an excellent foil for silver-leaved or pink-flowered plants. Leaf color changes with the season from silvered purple to red purple. The H. villosa heritage adds to the appeal of this bayou-beauty. Ed's note: Gorgeous purple coloring. A MUST have for the heuchera collector and purple lover.

Heuchera 'Milan' PPAF PVR
Milan is all about fashion and so is this charmer with constant bloom of lovely warm pink flowers on short stems over tight mounds of small silver leaves (with a maroon blush when cool). Very flashy! A great show in the front of the border or in mass.

Heuchera 'Mint Julep' PPAF PVR
Short cones of clean-white flowers arise from delectable mint-green and silver leaves. These luscious clumps glow in the shady or dark areas of the garden. Dense habit and has that southern heritage, y’all. Ed's note: Beautiful crisp minty/silvery color.

Heuchera 'Mysteria' PPAF PVR
Lovely ruffled and silvered leaves set the stage for the free-flowering spikes of coral pink flowers. A heat tolerant plant that is no mystery to grow. Easy to grow if given good drainage. A reliable performer and in bloom all summer!

Heuchera 'Shanghai' PPAF PVR
As Shanghai is a beacon to China, so Heuchera ‘Shanghai’ can be an inviting beacon of metallic silver to your garden. Tight mounds of silvery-purple leaves set forth white flowers on dark stems. A lovely presentation for the border. Ed's note: Something like Plum Royale, but different.

Heuchera 'Sugar Plum' PPAF PVR
“Plum delicious” is what I say! Frosty plum-purple leaves make a tight mound of evergreen (Zn. 6 and above) foliage. Silvery pink flowers rise 26 inches above the soil and frequently rebloom. A refreshing sight in summer! Ed's note: A standout for the collector!

And, a new Heucherella as well -
Heucherella 'Golden Zebra' PPAF PVR

Striking bright yellow, feathery leaves are boldly marked with dark-red. Lush foliage and a tight crown make this plant unbeatable for a ground cover or under high branching shrubs. A standout in containers or front of the border. Ed's note: Somewhat like Heuchera Electra - but with larger redish-purple inside margins with the roughly cut shape of the Heucherella leaves. If you like Heucherellas, you'll certainly like this one!


GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Ed
I ran across your blog as I was doing an image search for Autumn Leaves heuchera .. I am a fan of heuchera,heucherella and tiarella .. pairing them up with hosta and dicentra.
Your picks for the best heuchera of 2010 are spot on ! I love them all and will try to collect as many as possible : )
Glad to know another collector out here in the blogosphere ? LOL
Joy said...

just came across your blog, some lovely varieties of heuchera mentioned, we were recommended in gardening which for supply of these in 2010... hope to increase our range a lot more in 2011.