May 12, 2009

Garden News Videos

Greetings folks! Just thought I'd share these couple of videos from the local news station about gardening in Montana. Both business' are members of the Montana Nursery and Landscape Association as is Circle H Growers.

Visted Cashman's several years ago during the MNLA Fall Tour.
Video #1: Cashman's Nursery in Bozeman

I visited Visser's back in March and what you see in the video is only a small portion of the whole. A pretty impressive operation with approximately 35 greenhouses.
Video #2: Visser's Greenhouse in Manhattan

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walt said...


Cool videos and blog! Thanks for the link to MNLA's site.

FYI, the videos work fine with IE7 but not with Firefox 3.0x. Not sure there is anything you can do on your end, it may just be the plug-ins w/FF not installed.

Anyway, nice job!

Walt Curtis