April 23, 2009

Tuesday, Trees & Shrubs Arrive

This Tuesday the first load of trees and shrubs for the 2009 season arrived at sunrise. Actually, I was just finishing up brushing my teeth a little after 6a, when the phone rang and I knew it was the truck driver. He got himself a bit lost due to one of those wonderful electronic direction finders. He later told me that he ends up getting lost more often than not because of it and he should just throw it out.

In any case, at around 7:30a, my help showed up to unload nearly 300 trees and shrubs - including my retired neighbor Steve. Which is always nice.

Tuesday's weather was sunny and warm - we hit 77°F for the high - which was great, as folks were out and about and picking some things up already. Though our spring selling season doesn't hit until around Mother's Day to Memorial Day. Folks are getting antsy and ready to get out and get yards and gardens cleaned and planted, but they must be careful. This is Montana and we can see snow at any time of the year, as well as frost.

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