April 2, 2009

Perennials Arriving

Several varieties of Sedum plugsThe first major batch of perennials plugs arrived today. Received over 1,200 this afternoon. Anywhere from the ajugas to violas. And, more are yet to come.

Tomorrow that means we'll continue to pot them up for growing on Ajugas, Columbines and moreand cranking up the second greenhouse until the weather starts cooperating a bit more so they can then be moved outside. From looking at the forecast, looks like we'll be hitting the 50's. But, of course, with the added benefit of some snow showers inbetween. Well, what do you expect for springtime in the rockies?

I'm really hoping this weather, 'er global warming, actually Creeping phlox, rudbeckia, Irish moss, salviawarms up. I need to get the trees, shrubs and perennials that have been wintered over from 2008 uncovered and straightened out before this seasons trees and shrubs arrives. That's like in a couple short weeks. And, that'll be here before I know it.
Ligularia Little Rocket

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