March 24, 2009

Geraniums Arrive & New Coneflower Updates

The rooted geranium cuttings arrived today to get potted up in 4.5", 6" and 10" containers. Didn't expect them until tomorrow, but I at least got the 6" and 10" containers potted up and out of the way. Wednesday, Sandy and I will get started on getting all the 4.5" ones potted up and done.

In any case, received 1,044 rooted cuttings today. A far cry from the 40,000 Visser Greenhouses does. But it's more than enough to keep me busy and fill up the greenhouse floor.

Also received confirmation from Terra Nova Nurseries today on the perennials I'll Tiki Torch Coneflowersbe receiving the week of April 6. I'll be getting in the new echinaceas from them. Mac 'n' Cheese, Pink Poodle and Tomato Soup. As well as the extremely hot Tiki Torch. Make sure you check them out. They'll be hot commodities and in short supply. If you can find them. I'll be growing them in larger pots so the perennial and coneflower lovers can get a larger plant. And, I may even grow some in the smaller 3.5" pots as well.

Also coming will be new Heucheras - Electra, Lime Marmalade, and Plum Royale.
Heucherella Sweet Tea, Ligularia Dragon's Breath and Tiarella Mystic Mist.

I've also received hopeful information that the newest echinaceas Coral Reef, Firebird, Flame Thrower and Tangerine Dream should be arriving in the May to June time frame. So if all goes well, those will be ready for shipping by this coming summer.

Take 'er easy,

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