March 29, 2009

10-Inches of Spring

Like the title says, "10 inches of spring." Woke up this morning to discover we had approximately 1.5" of the white winter-time slick maker coming down from the heavens above. It snowed all day and we ended up with roughly 10 inches altogether. Quite a lot for this time of year.

Normally this is the time of year where we get the vast majority of snow pack in the mountains, but not usually this much in the valleys. Today was a different story.

I went out to the greenhouse and got caught up on my seed starting. More tomatoes and some flowers such as aster and thunergia. Also have most of the pepper varieties transplanted for growing on.

Overall an interesting 'spring' day.

Catch you soon,

March 24, 2009

Geraniums Arrive & New Coneflower Updates

The rooted geranium cuttings arrived today to get potted up in 4.5", 6" and 10" containers. Didn't expect them until tomorrow, but I at least got the 6" and 10" containers potted up and out of the way. Wednesday, Sandy and I will get started on getting all the 4.5" ones potted up and done.

In any case, received 1,044 rooted cuttings today. A far cry from the 40,000 Visser Greenhouses does. But it's more than enough to keep me busy and fill up the greenhouse floor.

Also received confirmation from Terra Nova Nurseries today on the perennials I'll Tiki Torch Coneflowersbe receiving the week of April 6. I'll be getting in the new echinaceas from them. Mac 'n' Cheese, Pink Poodle and Tomato Soup. As well as the extremely hot Tiki Torch. Make sure you check them out. They'll be hot commodities and in short supply. If you can find them. I'll be growing them in larger pots so the perennial and coneflower lovers can get a larger plant. And, I may even grow some in the smaller 3.5" pots as well.

Also coming will be new Heucheras - Electra, Lime Marmalade, and Plum Royale.
Heucherella Sweet Tea, Ligularia Dragon's Breath and Tiarella Mystic Mist.

I've also received hopeful information that the newest echinaceas Coral Reef, Firebird, Flame Thrower and Tangerine Dream should be arriving in the May to June time frame. So if all goes well, those will be ready for shipping by this coming summer.

Take 'er easy,

2009 Growing Season Begins

The growing season for spring 2009 officially began on March 3rd. I got spikes Pepper seedlings ready for transplantingand vinca vine in that day from High Country Growers in Helena.

By March 7, I started some seeding. First batch of tomatoes, lupine, celery, peppers and onions.

The week of March 9, we ended up having some pretty cold weather roll down from Canada. Although it's not completely unheard of for that to happen this time of year, it wasn't welcome either. I ended up having to call a couple of the plant suppliers and have them hold that weeks shipment until the following week as I didn't want to receive frozen plants that couldn't be salvaged. We ended up having single digit to -1°F temperatures. It was chilly, but the wood stove in the house makes up for it.

Weather conditions leveled out the week of March 16, and on the 18th I received the tuberous begonia and fuchsia starts. Those are now all potted up for growing on.

Yesterday, Sandy and I went over to Manhattan to visit Jay Visser at Visser Greenhouses and check out his operation. My retail nursery is small compared to that one. It has nearly 35 greenhouses - most roughly 200 feet long by about 40 feet wide - and they're going full steam ahead. They have lots to do and plenty to fill. I'll post some pics as soon as I get them uploaded from the camera.